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9 Days Sumba Overland Luxury Trip – LUXLT02

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9 days

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Enjoy your 7 days overland trip in Sumba with special experience with stay in Luxurious Resort with a touch of sumbanese heritage surrounded by unspoiled nature with spectacular views. Every villa was built with sophistication that incorporates sumbanese traditional culture and tradition. Lelewatu Resort is truly a destnation for adventure, indulgence and romance.

This package based on season by date:

  • Regular Season: April 1 st – 5 th , 2019, May 19th – 31st , 2019, November 1 st – December 20th , 2019, January 6th – March 31st , 2020
  • Shoulder Season: April 6 th – 13th , 2019, April 29 th – May 18th , 2019, June 1st – 30th , 2019, September 1 st – October 31st , 2019
  • High Season: April 14th – 28th , 2019, July 1 st– August 31st , 2019, December 21st , 2019 – January 5th , 2020

NB: Price listed for 8 pax minimum booking.

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  • 9 Days tour on around Sumba
  • Enjoy Luxurious Resort with a touch of sumbanese heritage in Lelewatu Resort
  • The Resort surrounded by unspoiled nature with spectacular views


Day 1
Upon arrival at the airport of Tambolaka, you will be picked up by one of our tour guides. After all the luggage is collected, the tour guide will take you to Bukit Waikapulota where you can sit down and enjoy the view on the green hills where you can also see the sea in the far distance. From Bukit of Waikapulota, we will take you to Kita Beach which is a very nice spot to enjoy the sunset.

Accommodation: Mario Hotel – Tambolaka / similar
Day 2
After waking up and getting ready for a new day of exploring, you will be picked up at your hotel and we will be heading to Ratenggaro village where you can meet the locals, their own culture and see the traditional Sumbanese houses. The village is built near a beach which you can visit when you are there. You will have a nice view of the village while standing on the beach. You can see the tops of the houses on the higher ground. After that, we will take you to Weekuri Lake. Weekuri lake is a saltwater lake at the south-west of Sumba. You can take a dive to experience the blue and clear water of Weekuri. After that you are all dried up, we will continue our journey to Mandorak Beach which is very close to Weekuri Lake. The beach will provide a great and peaceful stay with nice spots. The big opening between two rock ridges will let the clear blue water pass through the beach and also let you look far into the ocean. You can also take the higher ground which will give a view of the coastline and the rocky cliffs where you can watch the sunset.

Accommodation: Mario Hotel – Tambolaka / similar
Day 3
The first activity of the day will be at Watu Maladong, the beach where you can have a look at the enormous big rocks in the middle of the sea. It gives you slightly the feeling that you are in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Because of the big rocks magically come out of the water. After this, we will continue our journey and we will explore Bwanna beach. Before you arrive there, you have to drive on a sandy road which guides you through a massive field of high grass, which gives a very adventurous feeling. First, we will stop at the viewing point where you can view on Watu Maladong and Bwanna Beach. The beach of Bwanna is a long clear colorful sand beach under the majestic cliff heading to the Indian Ocean makes this place extraordinary. Whilst its beauty is unquestionable, the beach is still unknown by most tourist, which make it almost private and very clean. Later on, we climb down to the beach where the big arc is located. The climb is very steep, so you have to be careful! But once you are there, you will be standing on one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia. After Bwanna beach, we will be going to Pero beach to end our day with a well-deserved sunset if time allows us.

Accommodation: Mario Hotel – Tambolaka / similar
Day 4
A new day, a new adventure. Today the journey will begin at the village of Tarung/ Waitabar which located just a few minutes west from Waikabubak. There are two villages at this place but they are built so close to each other that it will look like one big village. The village will give you a welcoming feeling while you look around. After this visit, we will be heading to another beautiful village; Praijing village. This village is built on top of a hill and if you want to walk through the entire village, you actually have to walk down the hill. You will have an overview of the entire village at the entrance. On top of that, the inhabitants of the village built a spot where you can have a panoramic view of the village and beyond. The village is also surrounded by the beautiful nature of Sumba. Next on our adventure will be the Lapopu Waterfall. After a drive through the endless hilly and green landscape of Sumba, you will arrive nearby the waterfall. To visit the waterfall, you will need to do a small hike of approximately 15 minutes and cross a bamboo bridge to get there. There is a nice spot to sit down where you can watch the water find its way down the hill. You can also bring your swimwear to dive into the water just in front of the big waterfall and cool down after a long day of adventure.

Accommodation: Lelewatu Resort – Wanokaka /similar
Day 5
On this day, we will be leaving Waikabubak to explore some beautiful beaches. At first, we will be driving to Marosi beach. This long, white sandy beach is a very nice place to have a relaxing and quiet walk on the beach. Like many beaches in Sumba, it is very likely that you will have this beach for yourself. Nearby Marosi Beach, there is Kerewee beach. Kerewee is an amazing place to drink and eat a fresh coconut which the locals will offer you. The magical big rocks in the water are making this beach unique. Believe it or not but there is another beautiful beach nearby which is a must-see if you are nearby. The beach of Watubela is just 15 minutes of walking from Kerewee beach. You will see a lot of coconut trees when you are heading towards the beach. At arrival, you will immediately have a fantastic panoramic view. When you get on the beach, you can enjoy this beautiful place with blue water, a big wall of yellow rocks and the big flat grey rocks in the middle of the beach where you can have a view from above. This beach also has a secret cave. Try to find it when you are there and you can see a large cave with an opening towards the sea.

Accommodation: Lelewatu Resort – Wanokaka /similar
Day 6
After having breakfast, we will be heading to Tarimbang. Tarimbang is a little area in East-Sumba and is far away from the cities. That is why the place is really peaceful. There is a big and wonderful beach located in this area; Tarimbang beach. Some say it is one of the best beaches in Indonesia. You can have a walk, take the best photos and there is also the opportunity to get a surfboard nearby and catch some waves. The sunset will make an end of the day and you can get some rest to gain energy to explore more of Sumba the next day.

Accommodation: Marthen Homestay – Tarimbang /similar
Day 7
After a good sleep and new energy, the driver will take you further to the eastern side of the Island. Your destination will be the “Bukit Wairinding”, which means; the Hills of Wairinding. There is a spot where the view into these hills is amazing. You will be looking at green and endless hills. Sit down for a while in the grass and enjoy the moment. From the Bukit Wairinding, we will be heading to another peaceful place; Walakiri beach. We will be watching the sunset while exploring the beach. Don’t hesitate and walk towards the small and magical mangrove trees which are growing inside the water. When the sun has disappeared, we will go back to the hotel.

Accommodation: Padadita Beach Hotel - Waingapu /similar
Day 8
The last full day of activities has arrived. The first activity of this day will be to the “Bukit Pesaudaraan”, the hills where you can stand on one of the highest points and have a look at the landscape which Sumba has to offer. The next stop will be at Waimarang waterfall. The track down to the fall is adventurous. Don’t forget to bring your swimwear, because diving into the water will be great after trekking. after that, we will be heading to our last stop of the day; Rende village, a traditional village which has massive graves. You can also see how they make their own clothing, which is called “Ikat”.

Accommodation: Padadita Beach Hotel - Waingapu /similar
Day 9
Unfortunately, it is the last day, but we cannot leave the island of Sumba without a visit to the Prailliu Village. The unique thing of this village is that it is located in the middle of the city of Waingapu. This village has the traditional Sumbanese houses, the clothing ( “Ikat”) and the graves.


  • Flight tickets
  • Soft drink, juice and alcohol
  • Personal expenses such as; tip to guide and/ or driver, laundry, telephone calls, alcoholic beverages,
  • Extra cost due to causes greater than our control, for example; delays or flight cancellations, etc.
  • Everything not mentioned in “included”.
  • Cross Border Transactions, <a href="">what's is this?</a>

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